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You might think that if you brush your teeth well, there’s no need for a professional teeth cleaning. That’s actually very far from the truth. Coming in for a routine cleaning allows us to find any spots you’re missing and any oral health issues you haven’t noticed yet. Making these discoveries early prevents unnecessary pain and discomfort in the future.

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What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleanings are very straightforward, especially if you’re properly maintaining your smile. Your hygienist will begin by using a scaler to remove any plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth. They will then use a high-powered electric toothbrush for a thorough cleaning, followed by flossing. Finally, we will give you a fluoride solution for extra protection.

How Often Should I Get a Teeth Cleaning?

You should be visiting us at least twice per year, or every six months, for a professional cleaning. It’s an important step you need to take to keep your smile healthy and bright. This timeline also allows us to catch cavities, gum disease, and more at a very early stage.

What are the Benefits of Cleanings?

A clean mouth is a healthy mouth. Here are some of the benefits you’ll notice when you see our highly trained team for a teeth cleaning visit.

  • Cavity prevention
  • Early detection of oral health problems
  • A fresh and clean smile

Looking for Cleanings in Issaquah?

Our goal at APEX Dental Care is to help you protect your smile, so you won’t need complex restoration procedures in the future. If it’s about time for your bi-annual cleaning, contact our friendly team today to schedule an appointment.

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