5 Dental Cleanings Facts You Should Know

September 21, 2022
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You're probably asking why you require a dentist to brush your teeth if you're overdue for a teeth cleaning in Issaquah. You might think that if you brush and floss regularly, why put yourself through the additional trouble, price, and work of having a dentist clean your teeth?  

Your dentist will provide necessary educational information and preventive and diagnostic procedures during a cleaning. It is a dental treatment that every patient should regularly get to maintain excellent dental health. Good dental hygiene is an essential aspect of personal health.  

Professional Teeth Cleaning in Issaquah

Importance of Teeth Cleaning  

At Issaquah, we take teeth cleanings very seriously. You have heard that consuming the wrong foods, such as junk food or sugary sweets, can cause tooth decay and other dental problems over time. Although this is accurate, did you know that maintaining a balanced diet is one aspect of good oral hygiene? Well, yes! It is entirely accurate.  

When it comes to maintaining the health of your mouth, regular dental cleanings are extremely important. We strongly advise all our patients to schedule routine teeth cleanings to maintain their oral health at its best over the long term, besides other necessary treatments.  

We'll mention some essential facts to consider about teeth cleaning.  

  • Prevent Cavities  

Plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth will reduce if you schedule a dental cleaning on time. This will reduce cavities as a result. This is the first and possibly most significant thing of professional dental cleaning for many patients. You can get a bright and healthy smile if you keep cavities away.  

  • Prevent Tooth Loss  

Plaque accumulation causes cavities and several gum illnesses. The former weakens the soft tissues holding your teeth in place, while the latter attacks your teeth directly. Both result in missing or unhealthy teeth, which can be avoided by having a dentist regularly clean your teeth.  

  • Whiter Smile  

Your teeth's color changes over time due to calcified plaque and food particles that cover the enamel with a layer that gives teeth a dull, yellow appearance. Teeth cleanings can help prevent some of this discoloration.

  • Fresh Breath  

Bits of food stuck in your mouth and processed by bacteria lead to bad breath (halitosis). Cleaning your teeth removes the bacteria and the food particles, leaving you with fresh, almost minty breath.  

  • Improve General Health  

The mouth is not what most people conceive as distinct from the rest of the body. You will be healthier if your teeth, gums, and oral microbes are healthy. Dental treatment is just good healthcare in this sense, especially when a dentist is typically the first to notify you and assist you in fighting benign tumors and oral cancer.  

  • Save money  

You'll be able to avoid getting implants, crowns, and bridges if you have a fantastic, qualified dentist. You'll feel confident while keeping your natural teeth in excellent condition!

woman getting Teeth Cleaning in Issaquah

Do You Need a Teeth Cleaning in Issaquah?

As you can see, professional dental cleanings can benefit you in at least six different ways. Consider scheduling teeth cleaning in Issaquah immediately if you haven't had one in more than three months to ensure your smile keeps radiant, and healthy.

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