Dental Gimmicks You Should Never Buy Into

June 20, 2022
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Old beliefs die hard even in today’s digital age. You can still hear people talk about common myths about dental health. Unfortunately, some of these erroneous beliefs bring severe consequences if people continue to abide by them. From the belief that a root canal in Issaquah is painful to the idea that yellow teeth are automatically unhealthy, here are some of the most common myths.

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Common Myths About Oral Health and the Truth Behind Them

Below are five false claims about dental health and why people should not buy into them.

Overeating Sugar Destroys Teeth

Sugar is the culprit behind tooth decay and cavities. However, that doesn’t mean eating sugary foods is bad for your oral health. The food that you chew and swallow can do no more harm to your teeth. However, the sugar that remains behind in your mouth causes the most hurt by attracting bacteria that slowly damage the enamel.

Cultivating good habits like flossing between meals can remove residual food pieces behind teeth. It’s also crucial to keep the mouth hydrated to encourage saliva production.  

Teeth That Are Not White Are Unhealthy

Many people today believe that having pearly white teeth means excellent dental health. Teeth whitening services enjoy considerable popularity because of that thought. However, the truth is that teeth color is not always an indicator of oral health. It is more of a cosmetic issue.

Teeth have natural colors, and these include yellow, red and amber. These colors reside in the tooth’s second layer, the dentin, but the enamel mutes these hues. As a result, dentists don’t look at the color only to determine oral health – they also look for signs like cavities and bad breath.

You Should Brush Harder to Remove Residue

Some food residue in the mouth can be challenging to remove. You’d be tempted to brush as hard as possible to dislodge the debris from between your teeth. This habit, however, is counterproductive. Brushing or flossing too hard can damage or thin out the enamel.  

When you brush forcefully, you’re only making your teeth vulnerable to bacteria, tooth decay, and cavities. You will also injure your gums and cause them to recede from the teeth.  

The Dentist Can’t Tell If You’re Not Following Proper Oral Hygiene

Many people think that if they brush their teeth before a dental appointment, the dentist won’t be able to tell their lack of dental hygiene. However, dental professionals are trained enough to identify the signs of poor oral health like plaque, tartar, and morning breath.

Tartar is the most difficult to conceal of the above three manifestations of bad oral hygiene. Tartar is hard to remove and protects the bacteria that continuously burrow into the enamel. Only a dentist can peel them off your teeth.

You Can Inherit Oral Health Diseases

While genetics can play a part in a person’s susceptibility to periodontitis, the American Dental Association believes that the condition’s onset results from genetics, behavioral and environmental issues. Lifestyle remains a significant contributor to its development. For instance, people who smoke or have diabetes have a higher risk of becoming afflicted with periodontitis.

Consistency in your oral hygiene is still vital to avoiding periodontitis, tooth decay, gingivitis, and other mouth diseases.  

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Find Out If You Need a Root Canal in Issaquah

You may need a root canal if the bacterial infection has reached the pulp. However, only an x-ray can determine the severity of your condition. Be sure to schedule an appointment with us now so we can check your symptoms and decide if you need a root canal.

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