Do you Know the Potential Complications with Dental Crowns?

August 24, 2022
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While avoiding severe dental problems is the best option, a dental crown in Issaquah can correct several issues. Dental crowns are designed to fit the natural tooth supporting its structure and restoring its function. 

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Which Are Common Concerns and Issues?

Dental crowns are ideal for protecting and restoring broken teeth. Although crowns are a long-term fix for broken teeth, problems might still surface. Pain, discomfort, and other issues might result from a dental crown that is not installed correctly.

What Should I Do?

A dental crown is an excellent treatment to strengthen and save a tooth. If a dental crown complication arises, you must talk to your dentist to avoid pain, discomfort, and other issues.

Understanding Common Complications 

If you experience some of the following complications after having your dental crown, you must visit your dentist. An improperly shaped crown can cause you many difficulties.  

Tooth Decay

Although crowns are placed to protect teeth, tooth decay is still a risk. If you don't practice good oral hygiene after receiving a dental crown, plaque could build up at the margin where the crown meets the tooth.

Sensitivity and Discomfort

When your tooth is prepared for a dental crown, the dentist reshapes it to improve the crown’s fit. Because of this, you could experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods in the days following your dental crown procedure.

Loose Crown  

Eating sticky, chewy, or sticky foods can cause your crown to become loose. A loose crown allows bacteria to leak into your natural tooth and cause further decay.

Allergic Reaction

Dental crowns are made from several materials, including zirconia (meta-free crystal), metals, porcelain, resin, and more. Some people can be allergic to these materials and could experience an allergic reaction after a crown has been inserted.

Bite Issues

During the dental crown procedures, your dentist evaluates how the crown connects with your other teeth before cementing it. Your dentist will take images and impressions to guarantee a comfortable fit and feel. However, you may notice that the crown isn’t exactly the appropriate form. If this is the case, mention the problem to your dentist right away so they can make the necessary adjustments.  

Chips or Fracture

Crowns are from different materials, all porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Because of the material they are made from, it can be possible for a crown to chip.

Teeth can be chip for several reasons, like biting down on hard substances like ice or candies, using your teeth as a tool, or teeth grinding while sleeping.  

Nerve Issues

Once you get a crown, you may experience anything from mild sensitivity to excruciating pain. Teeth have a soft pulp where all the nerves inside the tooth are located. If you experience discomfort or nerve damage, you will need to visit your dentist for a crown replacement.  

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Learn More About Caring for a New Dental Crown in Issaquah  

After your dentist completes a dental crown procedure, it is essential to follow their postoperative instructions. Focus on practicing excellent oral hygiene habits to protect your new crown and pay special attention to how your new crown adapts to your mouth.

If you notice any pain, sensitivity, or discomfort in or around your tooth, schedule an appointment in Issaquah right away!

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