Should I Brush My Tongue?

September 22, 2021
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As a parent, you probably have your own share of “how should I answer this” moments with your inquisitive kid. And, we suppose one mind-boggling query your kid may have asked is whether they should brush their tongue. Should they? As experts in pediatric dentistry in Issaquah, we have just the answer you’re looking for.

Little has been said about whether or not tongue cleaning should be part of everyone’s oral health practices. That’s why it’s understandable when a parent wouldn’t be able to give a direct answer to the question. And to address this concern, dentists would openly say that we should include tongue brushing in our oral hygiene.  

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Why Should I Brush My Tongue?  

When you want to achieve a clean and fresh mouth, then tongue cleaning should be part of your oral hygiene. Your mouth is home to billions of bacteria because it’s dark, wet, and warm.  

Additionally, they live and hide mainly in the rough and tiny structures of the tongue. These harmful bacteria, when left unattended, may cause bigger problems like periodontal diseases and bad breath.  

What are the Benefits of Tongue Cleaning?  

It Enhances Taste  

Our tongue contains taste buds that allow us to taste food. However, bacteria built up on the tongue's surface can create a dull taste. Removing the bacteria enhances our taste.  

It Removes Bad Odor

Not only do these bacteria contain a dull taste, but they also give off a dirty smell. When they are left to stay and multiply in the tongue, your overall oral health can take a hit. Bad breath gives off a negative impression to other people, and you don’t want to subject yourself to that.


It Reduces the Risk of Periodontal Disease

You may think you’ve already done a good job by flossing and brushing your teeth. Unfortunately, that goes to waste when you don't brush your tongue. Because of close proximity, the bacteria on your tongue can just easily transfer to your teeth and gums, causing gum diseases and other infections.  

It Boosts Your Immunity Levels and Improves Your Overall Health  

The food you consume may contain toxins that may stay on your tongue. When you don’t brush or scrape it, you increase the risk of having these toxins absorbed into your body. Remember that the tongue contributes to defending your immune system. Hence, it deserves to be given the care and attention it needs.  

It Reduces the Risk for Oral Thrush  

Oral thrush is a condition that occurs when there’s an overgrowth of yeast in your mouth. When you skip your tongue while brushing your teeth, white patches will start to appear as a sign of excessive bacteria build-up. While an antifungal medication cures it, brushing your tongue prevents it from happening in the first place.  

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Learn More About Pediatric Dentistry in Issaquah  

Good oral health practices should be instilled in the minds of everyone as early as possible. At APEX Dental Care, we believe that the best time to instill discipline in oral care should start when kids are still young.  

Developing good oral habits early on increases the potentiality of carrying this through adulthood. Contact us today, and we will gladly answer all your concerns.  

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