Signs You’ve Found a Qualified General Dentist

November 1, 2022
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Many dread scheduling appointments with a dental professional because they are scared or ashamed. Still, 63% of adults in the US got dental check-ups in 2020, which shows that patients are willing to visit their general dentist in Issaquah as long as they are trustworthy. Certain green flags that go from being patient to teaching you about healthy oral habits can be helpful signs to determine if your general dentist is a keeper.

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How Do I Know If My General Dentist is Good?

They Are Ready to Deal with Dental Anxiety

Visiting a general dentist can be a daunting prospect for many patients, so going to a dental professional that provides words of comfort and thoroughly explains the procedure can make a big difference. If you struggle with dental anxiety, be open about the issue with your general dentist; they can deal with it accordingly and make your appointment pleasant.

Qualified general dentists are always patient and willing to answer any questions about dental procedures, so this attitude is also a good indicator that you’ve found a dependable professional.

They Have a Clean Office

Not only does your general dentist have to be polite, but the environment they work in has to be pristine. Using clean dental tools, having squeaky-clean floors and surfaces, and wearing gloves are musts for any qualified professional. A general dentist that follows such practices will likely do wonders for your smile, so they are someone you will want to keep around.

They Recommend Follow-Up Visits After Procedures

Follow-up visits might seem like a waste of money to some, but a dentist that encourages them is only looking out for your health. Specific dental procedures, such as root canal surgery or tooth fillings, require more visits afterward so your general dentist can ensure that there are no signs of infection or any other oral problems. Qualified dental professionals will always ask for these visits to care for your mouth and smile.

They Take Your Dental History into Account

When your general dentist considers your medical history during every appointment, you are likely in good hands. Dental records help a dental professional see if your teeth are prone to some oral issues and check for any health abnormalities. Certain people are also not ready to get some procedures done, so when general dentists look at your dental history, they can determine what’s best for you.

They Teach You How to Take Proper Care of Your Teeth at Home

A well-trained general dentist must provide top-quality services in their office, but they also have to tell you how to keep your teeth in tip-top shape at home. If a dental professional notices you’ve been neglecting your oral health, they must thoroughly explain how to rid your mouth of bacteria. Some practices an excellent general dentist should recommend are:

- Brushing your teeth at least twice a day

- Flossing

- Buying a soft-bristle toothbrush

- Avoiding abrasive or acidic foods and drinks

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Looking for a Qualified General Dentist in Issaquah?

Being patient, clean, and thorough are qualities you should look for in a good general dentist. Our team at APEX Dental Care meets all those criteria, so make sure to book an appointment today and give your smile a chance to shine.

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