Tips for a Fast Recovery After Getting a Root Canal

February 15, 2023
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Cavities are usually visible, as they manifest as painful holes in your teeth. Unfortunately, not all oral problems are as easy to detect; bacteria might target your tooth from the inside out and severely damage your smile. When the tooth pulp is under attack, and you're at risk of losing your natural teeth, professionals can perform a root canal in Issaquah to remove the abscessed tissue and leave your teeth in their best shape. Since a procedure is more than just surgery, here're some valuable practices to follow and avoid for a fast and effective recovery.  

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Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?  

Many patients are under the impression that oral surgery brings nothing but pain, which gives them dental anxiety and keeps them away from a dentist's office. Even though all procedures come with a bit of discomfort, dental professionals ensure you aren't in any pain from start to finish through anesthesia. Your dentist removes bacteria and dead tissue from deeper tooth layers during a root canal. Since this part of your mouth has nerves and blood vessels with pain receptors, the oral surgeon completely sedates the area, so it's numb until the process is over.  

The effects of sedation will probably wear off by the time you get home, so you can follow some tips for at least a week to keep pain and infection away.  

Dos and Don'ts After Root Canal Therapy  

Eat Soft Foods  

During a root canal, dentists have to touch sensitive tissue to remove what they can't save, and this process inevitably leaves the area vulnerable and swollen. Hence, forcing a healed tooth to chew on hard foods will put you through excruciating pain and cause further damage. Stick to soft foods like yogurt, cheese, soup, and pureed meals until you've completely recovered or your dentist advises you otherwise.  

Use Ice  

Swelling is one of the most common symptoms after surgery, as fluids and white blood cells move toward the injured tooth to heal the area. Place an ice pad over your cheek to reduce inflammation, and repeat this process many times a day for ten to fifteen minutes. Avoid placing ice inside your mouth for a similar effect since sharp pieces can hurt the tooth and slow your recovery.  

Take Over-The-Counter Medication  

Experiencing some pain after surgery is almost inevitable, but usually, this symptom goes away when you take over-the-counter medication. Ask your dentist for recommendations on the most effective painkillers and take them according to the instructions on the box.  

Don't Smoke  

Dentists recommend not smoking or chewing tobacco if you've recently had root canal therapy, so try to quit until your follow-up dentist appointment. Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco mostly contain nicotine and tar, which enter your bloodstream and hinder your healing ability. These chemicals also stick to your recovering tooth, increasing your chances of infection.  

Get Lots of Rest  

Getting a root canal is the perfect excuse to take a day off your busy schedule and lie down for two days. Don't put yourself through unnecessary stress, at least during the first 48 hours after surgery, and don't exercise or lift heavy weights for a week. By taking these precautions, your body can fully focus on getting better.  

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy in Issaquah?  

The procedure doesn't sound as scary and painful when you understand what happens during a root canal and how to care for yourself afterward. At APEX Dental Care, we provide top-quality services while making you feel at ease. If you need a root canal, contact our team today and schedule a visit.

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