Toothache: When Should I See a Dentist? 

November 3, 2021
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Tooth pain is arguably one of the most unpleasing types you could ever experience. What's worse is that it typically happens at night due to stimulation to your dental nerves, thus, keeping you up in a restless state. When you experience a toothache in Issaquah, it's best to know if you should see your dentist.  

However, some instances of tooth pain do not last long, which makes others think everything is back to normal. It is especially true when the pain is coming from around the tooth and not inside it.  

In this case, other factors could have been the cause of such aching, like temporary gum irritation or sensitivity to cold - both of which may not require you to visit your dentist for a consultation.

Patient talking to dentist about Toothache in Issaquah 

What are Signs I Should See My Dentist? 

The Toothache Lasts Longer Than One or Two Days 

If your toothache continues to bother you for a couple of days, it might be best to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Tooth pain can mean a wide array of possibilities. Therefore, proper identification and treatment of its cause are necessary to correctly address the issue.  

Pain medications may effectively relieve the pain for a moment, but the throbbing may come back if the problem is not treated properly. More serious toothaches may be caused by tooth decay or an infection to the tooth's pulp - both of which cannot be solved by pain killers alone.  

Your Toothache is Severe 

There's no reason why you should endure such terrible pain without asking for help from a dental professional. When you feel like the pain is too much to bear, then head on over to your trusted dentist right away to have it checked. Toothaches can be so troublesome that they can hinder your daily function. 

There is Swelling in the Mouth or Face 

Swelling is not a good sign, especially when it's coupled with pain. It can be an indication of an infection, and usually, the lump can contain pus. It is a clear picture of a serious dental problem, which could worsen if not treated immediately.  

You Experience Fever, Earache, or Pain When You Open Your Mouth Wide 

This scenario should worry you and prompt you to see your dentist as soon as possible. Fever is an important sign of a bacterial infection - probably in the tooth, gums, or jaw bone. Wherever the infection may be, it's recommended that you get a dentist to check it.  

If not, the infection can harm you more and lead to more serious problems affecting your overall health.

dentist and dental assistant attended to patient with Toothache in Issaquah 

Let Your Dentist Treat Your Toothache in Issaquah 

It's always smart to schedule an appointment to see your dentist when you experience a toothache. Pushing it to the back of your mind may only put you in a more damaging situation. However, one of the best ways to prevent toothaches is through practicing good oral health habits, like regular brushing, flossing, and deep cleaning.   

At APEX Dental Care, we have a pool of expert dentists who can analyze the cause of the issue and relieve you of the pain you're going through. It only takes you one phone call to solve the problem; we will take care of the rest. Contact us today, and we guarantee you the best experience.

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