When Do I Need Dental Crowns?

February 7, 2023
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A beaming and confident smile can open a gate toward excellent job opportunities and chances to meet new people. As time passes, procedures to enhance natural beauty raise the bar for what people consider beautiful teeth. Therefore, when your smile isn't as white, straight, or complete as the ones showcased on movies or TV, your confidence shakes, and you might want to start looking for a change. If you find yourself at the dentist's office to restore your teeth, they recommend dental crowns in Issaquah. Thanks to this general dentistry procedure, a dental professional can take care of a weak, misaligned, or cracked tooth and turn your smile into your greatest asset.  

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Reasons You Might Need Dental Crowns  

A Weak Tooth  

Sometimes, people are stuck with poor genetics or daily habits that weaken their tooth enamel and, in turn, make them more prone to oral problems like tooth decay. When cavities drill and eat away the layers of your teeth, bacteria get a free pass to your bloodstream and other bodily tissue, posing a risk to your health. Severe decay can also cause tissue death in the infected area, eventually making your teeth fall off. If the outside of your tooth is already weak, placing a crown over it shields it against the attacks of harmful substances while making your smile look more polished.  

Yellow Shades  

Weaker teeth aren't only unable to battle bacteria and food remains, but they also tend to have an unpleasant tarnish that dental crowns can easily mask. When you start smoking or chewing tobacco or don't brush and floss properly, your teeth absorb all staining substances and take your smile from porcelain-looking to yellowish and worn-down. If the stains are superficial, a dental professional can take care of the issue with teeth whitening. However, dentists can't always remove spots located on deeper layers of a tooth and might turn to dental crowns instead. Since these covers mimic natural pearly whites, they will even out uneven shades and give you a more attractive smile.  

Slight Misalignment  

Dental crowns can also do the trick effectively if the issue with your teeth doesn't lie in their color but in their alignment. While you change your primary teeth for your permanent ones, one or more troublemakers can erupt at an incorrect angle, making neighboring teeth adopt awkward positions. Even though braces are a better fit for severely crooked teeth, dental crowns can hide a small, bent tooth to straighten your smile without orthodontics.  

Cracks and Fractures  

Some adventures or sports matches can end in tragedy and chip or fracture your teeth, another situation dentists solve with dental crowns. Superficial cracks don't usually become a health concern, but crowns are still helpful to conceal an uneven tooth and restore your smile's beauty.  

When trauma results in a fracture beyond your gum line, your dentist must take care of the severe damage first and then place the crown over the saved tooth. If this procedure isn't possible, a dental professional might have to extract your ill tooth.  

Cover After Root Canal Surgery  

Finally, if you've recently undergone a root canal surgery to remove infected tissue, chances are your dentist placed a dental crown over your healing tooth to protect it from bacteria. With this porcelain coat, your teeth can recover quickly without facing any complications.  

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Looking for Dental Crowns in Issaquah?

Regardless of your reason for getting dental crowns, Apex Dental Care is here to help. We can take care of weak, yellow, cracked, and fractured teeth thanks to the countless dentistry procedures we offer. Give us a call today to book an appointment!

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