Why Do I Need a Dental Exam?

January 10, 2022
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Your mouth is a complex ecosystem containing hundreds of different types of bacteria. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires a delicate balance between keeping bacteria in check and allowing beneficial ones to flourish. Your general dentist in Issaquah can help keep your oral ecosystem in balance by providing a holistic view of your oral health through a comprehensive dental exam.  

During a dental exam, your dentist will examine everything from your teeth and gums to the soft tissues in your mouth.

If you are a high-risk patient diagnosed with a disease that requires long-term treatment or monitoring, your dentist may recommend additional services. Additional services may include, but are not limited to, X-rays, oral cancer screening, orthodontic treatment, root canal therapy, and gum disease treatment. You can also receive preventative dental health screenings.  

General Dentist Issaquah performing oral exam on patient

What are the Benefits of Taking Regular Dental Exams?

Your Dentist Can Clean Your Teeth

A dental exam will help remove the buildup of plaque and tartar that can collect around your teeth, leading to gum disease and tooth decay. Your dentist can also examine your gums for signs of gingivitis, which is a common precursor to gum disease.  

Your dentist will also examine your tongue and check your bite. A misaligned or crooked bite can put stress on your teeth, gums, and jaw muscles, which may lead to chronic pain. Taking care of your teeth and gums is an important part of a healthy, beautiful smile. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to treat the damage done to your teeth and gums.

Detect Early Signs of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a condition that occurs when plaque, or food particles, collects on the teeth and hardens. Over time, this hardened plaque can eat away at the tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay and eventually tooth loss. If you have mild tooth decay, you may not realize it.  

However, your dentist can detect early signs of tooth decay during a dental exam by taking a visual and x-ray examination of your mouth. The early detection of tooth decay can help prevent dental disease from becoming more serious, which is why regular dental exams are so important.  

As your dentist removes the plaque and tartar on your teeth, it also can help identify any dental cavities or gum disease that may be affecting your oral health.

Educate Patients About Dental Health

Taking care of your teeth means being a regular dental patient. During your dental exam, your dentist can educate you on proper dental care, help you understand how to prevent dental disease, and teach you proper dental hygiene. This helps reinforce the importance of regular dental care, which can help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime.  

A dental exam is a great reminder for you and your family that you have an important role in maintaining their oral health and keeping their teeth, gums, and mouth healthy. A dental exam will help you avoid costly dental treatments down the road.  

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Dental exams are a part of the regular dental care your dentist provides. Your dentist will want to thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and mouth to identify any issues with your oral health. A regular dental exam is important for your complete oral health, and it may be the most important part of your dental care routine.

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