Dos and Don’ts of Proper Denture Care

October 24, 2022
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Smiles are a powerful tool. They can help you gain confidence, interact with other people, and show emotion. But, if you have an incomplete smile due to missing teeth, it can become a source of discomfort and self-esteem issues. Dentures in Issaquah can be a solution for many people, in fact, they are currently being used by almost 41 million people in the US.

However, getting dentures is not enough, as caring for them correctly is just as crucial. Check what dentists say about what you should and shouldn’t do to keep your new smile pristine for longer.

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Don’t Clean Them with Hard Materials  

Dentures are as fragile as a real set of teeth, so hard tools are their mortal enemy. Avoid using brushes with stiff bristles or toothpaste with a lot of fluoride, which can be abrasive to the structure of your dentures.

Try to steer clear of whitening solutions, too, since they have the opposite effect in dentures: the peroxide they contain will turn your prosthetics yellow, giving your new smile a worn-out look.

Don’t Wear Them to Sleep

There is no use for your new teeth once you fall into a deep sleep. As much as we want to keep our smile in place constantly, dentures can’t stay inside your mouth through the night because they can affect your breathing patterns and disrupt swallowing. This situation increases your risk of pneumonia, plaque, and gum inflammation.

Don’t Soak Them in Hot Water

Logic would indicate that hot water eliminates bacteria. However, mixing dentures with hot water is a recipe for disaster; since dentures are often made of plastic composites, soaking them in hot water can cause irreversible damage to their shape and render them useless.

If you want to leave them clean and white, your dentist in Issaquah can recommend available denture-soaking solutions.

Brush Them Thoroughly

When it comes to brushing, dentures and teeth are the same: cleaning them at least twice a day is the perfect way to keep them safe and clean.  

Brush them with utmost care to remove any remaining bacteria, and put them back in place to go about your day. This will prevent plaque and tartar from accumulating and harming your prosthetics.

Brushing will also eliminate any adhesive left in the corners and grooves of dentures.

Clean Your Mouth After Taking Your Dentures Out

Preparing the surface on which your dentures will rest will lead to a healthy smile and a well-kept set of dentures. Gently brushing your gums, tongue, and palate protects your dentures from sticking to dangerous bacteria and tartar and helps you move away from gum disease and plaque.

Schedule Regular Visits to Your Dentist

Even after following all the instructions your dentist gives you, dental professionals need to look at your prosthetics to assess if they need cleaning or maintenance.

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If you don’t follow the fitting instructions to keep your dentures, they can acquire a stained look and put your oral health at risk. Our team of professionals at APEX Dental Care in Issaquah has the necessary skills to either give you a brand-new denture smile or improve the state of your current dentures.

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